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Click Media to meet such friendly people from TUVALU Pavilion in Expo Dubai, & become a main part in telling their story during World Expo 2020, Business Program!" 

The Land of Coral!

The Nine Islands in the heart of the Pacific!

Tuvalu is composed of three reef islands and six atolls. Its islands are situated about midway between Hawaii and Australia.

Tuvalu is known for the dreamy beaches stretching over 26-kilometer squares, which open for you the horizon to live in harmony with nature and enjoy finding your soul between the transparent sea & sky! 

Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+tuvalu expo


Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+Expo 2020 Dubai UAE
Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+tuvalu expo

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2020 Club,
Expo Dubai, UAE.
30h of March. 2022

Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+Tuvalu & DotTv, Expo 2020 Dubai

TUVALU Investment Forum.

Australia Pavilion,
Expo Dubai, UAE.
6th of Jan. 2022

Tuvalu_Australia_investment Forum_Expo 2020_Dubai

"Tuvalu continues to face several hurdles as an ocean-continent, ranging from mitigating the impacts of climate change,  rising sea temperatures are also contributing to coral bleaching and decreasing marine productivity, besides the fight against non-communicable diseases including COVID-19, however, our people continue to show strong resilience in helping to find ways to help mitigate these on-going challenges”.
H.E. Aunesse Makoi Simati, Tuvalu's Ambassador in the UAE

"The pandemic taught us to work together! That is why we are here at Expo... "To Connect the World"! ..  Click Media is the 1st step in order to connect the Pacific Islands to the world, which gradually can reflect on enhancing trading, tourism & investments for a powerful market shift that leads to the sustainable development, that all are seeking for!".
Noha Jaheen, The CEO


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Tuvalu Sharing the Best Practices in Trading & Environment in Expo 2020.

A Seminar Attracts Regional & International Partners.

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