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"IT Was Our Pleasure in         

Click Media to be a part of experts that joined TURKMENISTAN Pavilion in Expo Dubai, & become a main part in telling their story during World Expo 2020, Business Program!" 


The White Marbled City!

Inspirational Asian Central Country!

Turkmenistan is an ancient land of great spirituality, tradition, and natural beauty. The ancient cities inspire visions of caravans plodding along the ancient Silk Road, while the haunting beauty of the Karakum Desert and other quirky natural phenomena are equally mesmerizing.


Turkmenistan has a long and proud history with famous archaeological sites and beautiful mountain scenery. Besides, Turkmen people are warm & fascinating welcoming whose hospitality is the stuff of legend.

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Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+Expo 2020 Dubai UAE
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National & International News Published About TURKMENISTAN Successful Events in Expo!

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Investment Forum.

Turkmenistan Pavilion,
Expo Dubai, UAE.
29th of March. 2022

Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+Turkmenistan Oil & Gas Investment Forum





A Vision of Development. 

by: Noha Jaheen

Interviewed by Turkmenistan Expo Pavilion, Event Channel. 

International Forum! 

Ashgabat & Turkmenistan Pavilion,
Expo Dubai, UAE.
25th of Feb. 2022

National & International Media Experts & Speakers.

Noha Jaheen + Click media +Expo+Turkmenistan Expo


Media E-commerce Digital Platform, a market shift identifies the media industry internationally!

by: Noha Jaheen

Innovation connects the world!


 "Cooperation with international media plays an important role in disseminating information about Turkmenistan to the world! That grows international media's interest in our country is bound up with the positive foreign policy of Turkmenistan as an international initiative from the Turkmen leader on the world stage! The role of the mass media is important at this stage of development. Therefore, much more attention is paid to improving work in this area to bring it up to the wide potential of the modern world, and developing international cooperation".
Mr. Annasahet Kakayev, the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Turkmenistan television, radio broadcasting, and cinematography

"The mass media play an important role in bringing the state policy and ideology of any country to the public, including the world community... 'A Word between Two Nations is Worth a Thousand Words!' At present, the media plays an important role in strengthening international peace and understanding".
Mr. Kakamyrat Rejepov , The Chief of Editors from the "Turkmenistan" newspaper

We are grateful to be invited in such an event that welcomed more than 200 media experts from all over the world... Our platform is considered as the youngest in the media market, but it is also the fastest and the most powerful one! Click Media has the power to introduce Turkmenistan to the world! As per our slogan "We Connect the World!" we are on a daily mission to build the best cooperation with media partners from all over the world!".
Noha Jaheen, The CEO

The Role of Media in the Development of TURKMENISTAN in the World Community! 

+180 National & International News

The Role of Media in Development, From Turkmenistan to the World!

200 Media Experts Attended for the International Forum. 

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