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Click Media platform provides advanced media privilege programs in UAE, wherein profits are for all of our members, partners & developers. Our media privilege programs in UAE present multi-benefits for all, including best offers with high cashback for members while sales & profits increase for all of our publishers within extra special offers & services for more: 


- Partnership privilege programs
- Developers privilege programs.
- Membership privilege program.

- Malls Privilege Program.

Partnership Privilege Programs

Click Media platform provides opportunities for publishers to list their organizations, includes newspapers, magazines, radio, TV & billboards.

All publishers must match the standards of the Click Media Smart System

Click Media Partnership Privilege Programs provide benefits for all of our listed publishers, according to their preferred categories as Silver, Bronze, Gold, & Platinum. 

Partnership Privilege Programs include:

  • More sales by using the power of E-commerce for our listed publishers. 

  • High profits go for our listed publishers. 

  • Virtual office access is provided to monitor all publishing with your organization.

  • More announcements on our social media platforms. 

  • Announcement on our honor board

  • Publishing director service for the listed publishers.


For more information about our partnership programs contact us  or Join us & get your code now. 

DeveloperPrivilege Program

Click Media provides developers program for the higher authorities like government, private, and media sectors authorities that are followed by multi identities. 

Developers program opens the opportunity of getting extra offers & profits for the higher authorities & their followed identities.

For more information about our developers' program email us 

Membership Privilege Programs 


Click Media platform is running B2B publishing services where all types of companies & organizations as government or private can become members and benefit from our best services.



Our Membership program designed to provide our members' brands, branches & clients with the best publishing offers with our publisher partners in UAE.


Our Membership Program includes:

  • 10% to 30% discount for all publishing services.

  • 10% cashback goes for our members from their publishing services with us.

  • Virtual office access is provided for members to monitor all of their publications.

  • 1 month free to publish with us.


For more information about our membership program contact us or Join us & get your code now.


​Malls have a special program with high profits of 70% where the benefits of our membership & partnership programs are both provided. 

Malls have the power to use our system as members to publish with our media partners for the mall & all brands that are listed in that mall, which gave all benefits of our membership privilege program to the mall's administration. 

Click Media also provides an extra privilege program for malls to get benefits from our partnership privilege programs as a publisher. 

For the first time in UAE

Malls open it's inside & outside billboards for overseas, national & international brands where you can use the power of malls traffic to marketing for your brand, or new media channels, even if your brand is not listed inside the mall while publishing billboards with the best offers. 

For more information about our malls' membership program email us or Join us & get your code now.

Malls Privilege Programs 

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