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“We Are Here to Make Magic

& Magic Requires

a Magical Great Team” 

Noha Jaheen, CEO.

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Click media + opportunities + join us

“If You Have Great Believe In Your Power, So You Are Welcome To Start Your Journey With Us”.

Click Media welcome to all of those who believe in their talents, leadership, & creativity power. No matter how old you are, but the only matter is your passion to learn, dream & make a great market shift with us.


Click Media had been developed on Novel Principles, wherein novel ideas are always respected to rise up with our platform.

Great entrepreneur opportunities for leaders & more creative & internship opportunities for designers & new graduates are opened now for all. 

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Our Opportunities

Entrepreneurs Team

The engines & powerful leaders in Click Media, those whom we consider as partners & strategic players in Click Media developments plan. Our promising directors are brave enough to stand on the first line lead huge teams, develop novel ideas, manage success & work on national & international levels with high leadership skills & passion that push us all to make great achievements.

Entrepreneur opportunities ... Open.

Business development & administration ... Open.

Marketing & sales ... Open.

Public Relation ... Open.

If you can find this power inside you .. it will be our pleasure to find you … let’s talk.


Creative Team

“ Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge.”

                                                                                                                                               Albert Einstein’s

We are searching for the most creative minds, those who know how to turn imagination into reality, develop ideas & concepts while translating it to attractive visual content, include: graphic design, video edit, website graphic, video-graph, 2D model, 3D model, animation ...etc, while being able to work in fast & wide scale within high quality to match our strategies.

Creative Art Directors... Open.

Graphic Designers... Open.

Take us for a journey in your imagination ... let’s talk.


Finance Team

We focus to build great relations with investors locally and globally, wherein great financial strategies must be developed daily to rise up quickly in all approaches. Our financial team is growing daily & welcoming to add more strategic contributors & decision-makers.

Finance Department directors … Open

Investment strategic advisors …Open

Finance Assistants ... Open

Accounting Directors…Open

Accounting Assistants ..Open

If you can find this power inside you .. it will be our pleasure to find you … let’s talk.

Legal Team

We daily face rapid growth in our journey but to make it safe & great we always call for protectors, the fighters behind each success, the solutions givers, the advisors, and our risk assessment team that must be always ready to succeed on national & international levels.

National & international Commercial law, Trademarks law, Patents ..etc.

Legal Department directors … open

Lawyer Assistants ….open.

If you can find this power inside you .. it will be our pleasure to find you … let’s talk.

Internship Program

We believe in the power of the new generation & their ability to build our future. Here in Click Media, we open doors for those who like to start their journey in a brilliant way. Your first step in the market will influence the direction of your journey in life so build it in the strongest & the smartest way with our Click Media team.

Open for: last semesters, freshly graduated & those who are new in the market and would like to shift their life to new opportunities.

You can choose the period of time as 1, 2, or 3 months.

Marketing, PR, Social, Media, HR, Management, Business, Administration, and more are accepted all over the UAE.

Creative & Internship Opportunites... Open.

let us help you to take your first step... Let’s Talk.

In Click Media it is our pleasure to open opportunities for all, especially during that difficult time of COVID-19, it is very challenging for all, but only those who have a solid vision & strong belief can pass into the highest ocean, this is why we are here today .. simply we are here for you, so be ready for us”.

                             Noha Jaheen, CEO


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If you are less than 25 years old you are welcome to join our internship program!


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