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Click Media + Newspaper + advertisements
Click Media + Newspaper + advertisements
Click Media + Newspaper + advertisements
Click Media + Newspaper + advertisements



The newspaper publishing industry is one of the oldest global industries, considered as one of the most important fields of journalism & printed media but the digital transformation all over the world put many industries in 2 choices:  to disappear or to update, wherein the newspaper industry showed recently the risk of disappearing with shrinking in the annual revenues as -2.7%. 

In a challenging world, Click Media innovated a pioneer solution, in order to push the newspaper industry to join the evolution power of the digital platforms.

Started from UAE, our team developed a unique market strategy to push UAE's newspaper industry to a new level of success while open new market opportunities to reach the higher potential of the newspaper industry within annual estimated revenues as 122 billions Dhs.

Credibility with the Power of E-commerce.

Click Media considered as the first Media digital platform in the printed media field that focuses on newspaper advertising in the UAE while adding extra credibility to your ads in a fast and easy way.

Our Click media system opens the opportunities for all members to publish in about 30 listed newspapers includes 7 locals within about 10 different languages all over the UAE.

Now advertising becomes so simple in Just 7 steps that include ads type (commercial or court), ads size, compare prices & schedule publishing with best offers & in just a click from your mobile.

To use our newspaper ads services visit our Membership Privilege Program or Join us.

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Our Click Media system focuses on newspaper advertising in the UAE to serve our listed publishers providing extra annual profits & revenues for all. Our system developed to cover about 80% of the UAE market as a huge market capacity with great opportunities that able to develop the newspaper industry in the UAE.


To register a new newspaper, visit our Partner Privilege Programs or Join us.

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