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We are Proud of all Media Partners! 

Click Media (CM) had been recently attracted more than 5 million views. Our innovative platform is ranked Number 1 on


Now all our Registered Media Partners can enjoy the benefits of Click Media's spreading power by adding their logos & brief ideas about their brands for free on the CM Home Page.

Let our visitors know more about your brand! Register as Media Partners.



Virtual Office 

Your Key to the Click Media Smart System!

Customized Virtual Office to each Media Partner matches each Media Type.

Media Access Codes (M.A.C.) to all Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Channels, TV Channels, Billboards, & Transportation to enter the powerful benefits cycle of the CM's smart system as a partner.

Get Your Access Code!

Start listing your advertising services, receiving campaigns from our local, national & international members companies while gaining profits from new overseas customers with the full ability to monitor campaigns & analyze revenue through your virtual office in simple clicks!

Know more about Media Partners Standards! Register Now as Media Partners.


Media Expo

Take Your Media Brand to the Next Level

with Click Media Accreditation System!

A Gate to your Media Brand to attend National & International Events. Power your journalism & press release sector under the umbrella of Click Media and publish more about the top events as one of our affiliated companiesIncrease your audiences and keep them updated with the top news of entertainment, fashion, business & more.

Free for all of our Registered Media Partners to attend events on-site under the Click Media umbrella or off-site where they can also enjoy publishing about top events with us remotely.


Know more about the CM Accreditation System, Events List,

& Register as Media Partner. 


1  Media Stock Market


A Stock Market with Zero Risks!

One of the most Unique & Pioneer Concepts that Click Media created to keep a sustainable fresh revenue for our Media Partners.

Click Media had been described as:

 1st Media Stock Market

Media Stock Markets Partners UAE

because one of the most unique features of CM Smart System is called:

“Celebration Days” or "Yellow Monday”!!

A powerful tool to generate profits for all of our Media Partners. Media Partner can have up to 2 celebration days per month wherein all advertisements that are matching country, language, & fields in this day are totally directed to this Media Partner. Besides, great support from our Click Media Marketing team to rank this brand on the top of attracting more campaigns that can generate the best profits for each Media Partner in their celebration days. Register as Media Partner.


Profits For All 

Up to

Click Media has the best International Profits Cycle with

sustained growth for all the platform users.


Media Partners are one of the strongest beneficiary parties in this cycle, wherein each Media Partner gains up to 60% from all leaded campaigns through the CM platform. CM Smart System powered by Media Stock Markets Partners UAE gives a sustainable profit & growth cycle that maintains long-lasting revenue generation for all of our Registered Media Partners.



Education System

Fast & Easy in Just a Click!

Click Media slogan is one of our core concepts to develop innovation into easy steps! CM platform had been designed to turn complexity into simplicity. That wherein CM Smart System is so very simple to use besides that all of our registered users receive a free tutorial with full support & assistance from the CM team to ensure the best experience for all users.

Register as Media Partner & get 24/7 support for free!


Affordable Price



Run the Largest Campaigns with Us! 

Get the highest Media profits up to 60% running campaigns from local, national & international levels, while only paying 37$ per day! Select your preferred plan to attract more long-term campaigns to your Media brand. Reduce your brand liabilities while increasing profits & growth to more VIP overseas customers.


It Is Time!

Turn your brand to the international level!

Know more about Media Privilege Programs & Register as Media Partner.

Per Day


Media FAQ

Flexible to Grow! 

We are using a fixable strategy to grow and develop our innovative platform rapidly. Focusing on customized plans & solutions that fit users’ requirements to provide the best experience to all.

New ideas & smart deals are always welcome!

For more visit our
help center or direct email to,

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