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Why Does Click Media Focus on Traditional Media Types?

We believe in the Journalism industry as one of the oldest industries known for integrity, credibility, freedom, and professionalism to form the 4th authority worldwide!

But since the start of the digital transformation and the appearance of social media platforms, the journalism industry has retreated, decreasing more during the pandemic of COVID-19, wherein the journalism industry recorded a 6% decline in annual revenue for 2020- 2021.

JAHEEN’s spirit of innovation encouraged us to analyze the reasons behind the suffering of the journalism industry and present creative solutions that can revival the power of the credibility and professionalism of this industry but in a new dress that is matched the rapid growth and development of the international market, and that was the birth of “Click Media”.

Click Media had been designed to focus on the ADs sector, which is considered the main financial source for the journalism industry. It generates 56% to 80% of any Media company's revenue. Hence, the Click Media team worked to change the game and open the ADs market of Media to international standards to save many companies from impending bankruptcy.

“We still believe that professionalism and credibility should not disappear, but it should be re-exported in a new innovative way that attracts society and opens new opportunities to success”.

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