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Why Click Media is Innovative Project?

It is all about the design and the technology that had been integrated to form the Click Media platform. That is what we had been copyrighted for over 305 countries as per the Copyright International Law, WIPO – Berne Convention, and Hague Apostille Convention 1961!

The back office of Click Media had been designed after a deep analysis of ADs sectors for different media types, which creates the ability to form virtual office standards for each type where each Media Partner can open the Media ADs Sector in his company to the overseas market. The challenge of making a virtual office for each type of media means; that the Newspaper virtual office is different from the designed one for magazine, different than the one for TV channel …etc, so each Newspaper, Magazine, TV Channel, Radio, Billboard, and Transportation has a different designed back office that gave them the flexibility to receive ADs from all over the world. While the designed back office for Members is created smartly to link all of the different media types in one place, each member's virtual office gives the power to play "Massive Campaign in Just a Click!”

The execution of this project had been highly challenging for all of us! That allows to accept only the extraordinary engineers to develop this project! Wherein Click Media system integrates advanced plugin technology and a cloud system that makes it highly flexible to update and grow quickly in the market to match the fastest growth of the e-commerce industry.

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