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Who is the Founder of Click Media?

Noha Jaheen is the founder of the Click Media platform and the main designer of this project. Noha has been known as one of the top visionary leader architects with the power of science and the mindset of an entrepreneur. She has copyrights, patents, and journals in Tech-design, sustainability, architecture, invention, innovation, advanced buildings skin, and fashion design.

Noha is the one who leads all of JAHEEN’s business on the market as a Founder and CEO to give birth to all of her ideas to become real projects that can serve the community and raise up the human race!

“No Matter How Far You Talked About It! No Matter How Much You Wrote About It! But The Only Matter, Is The Date When Your Projects Start To Serve Millions For A Better Future! That Is The Date When Your Knowledge Will Exceed Your Life To Infinity!"
Noha Jaheen

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