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What Is Prohibited On Click Media Platform?

We believe in the high credibility power of media as the 4th authority, but we are always focused on the positive impact on developing communities. Hence, Click Media rules and standards have been designed to keep our platform's neutrality, avoiding any bias toward any identity or authority and keeping Click Media open for all!

In order to put Click Media on the right track and keep users aligned with the project vision, aim, and mission, users’ standards had been pointed out as general and per user’s category; for more, read our General Policy, Media Partners Agreement, and Members Agreement.

Some of the major rules can be listed as follow:

-Click Media must be kept as a neutral platform. Therefore, all users must avoid using Click Media's power on thorny political issues that may raise public doubts; like wars, terror, elections, general policies of governments or public councils, or any issue that may represent a direct or indirect dispute over the political situation of a company, city, state, country, region, or continent that may have a negative impact on communities’ stability and their aspiration for future development.

-Users must respect the public ethics for the multi communities announcements and be well selected for their published materials and ADs contents through the Click Media platform, wherein their contents must not include any indication of incitement, violence, or racial discrimination of any kind, whether religious, political, sexual, sectarian or other.

-All published content should be suitable for public display and not offensive to women, children, people of determination, or any sensitive humanitarian issues.

-Each user must respect others partners on the Click Media platform and not use Click Media power to distort any of our partners, whatever happened.

-Avoid using Click Media copyrights like logos, technologies, tools, intellectual properties, materials, analysis, studies, strategies, contacts, information, documents, rules, standards…etc. For any reason that may disclose Click Media intellectual property or put Click Media at risk of hacking or leaking of data security, wherein users must be committed to the approved standards of use and agreements and not use Click Media for any outsourcing purposes that may affect Click Media performance and reputation negatively in any level while keeping Click Media save away from the unnecessary disruption that may delay our journey to success.
Those points are considered major mandatory restrictions for all Click Media users, which all must respect! In case of any breach, bad use, or politicization that may appear while using the Click Media platform, our team has the full right to stop the campaign, hold or cancel the account, and open an investigation immediately for the case without any prior notice to the user.

We consider that as a part of our security system, as we are very serious about continuing our successful journey with passion and inspiration. We will not accept any reason to drive us into private battles that may disrupt our journey to success.

“Click Media Must Be Opened, Welcomed, Balanced, And Neutral For All To Connect The World!”

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