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Is Click Media An Event Agency?

No! Click Media is not an event agency! We are the “1st Media E-commerce Digital Platform”.

We are not involved in the preparation of your upcoming event, but we can turn your upcoming event to become extra successful and attract attendance internationally. If you are a member of Click Media, you can use our platform to publish a massive campaign about your upcoming event or exhibition in different countries at the same time which can attract visitors from all over the world to your event while reflecting on your sales, profits, and success for sure.

Suppose your event is intended to have more than a million attendances like Expo. In that case, you, as “Member” can add live coverage service. Our team, journalists, and photographers from our affiliated Media Partners will travel to your country to give massive day-to-day coverage for your event.

So, Members can use the power of Click Media to publish massive campaigns for the upcoming event and add live coverage services if the event has more than 1 million attendances.

Events agencies are our customers and are eligible to get the “Members” code for themselves and their customers.

Note: Any event that may be approved for live coverage must match Click Media Events Protocol, more in detail for “Media Partners” and “Members”.

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