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Is Click Media A Public Relation Agency Or Press Release Platform?

No! Click Media is not involved in public relations work or press releases with any of our Media Partners.
Click Media as the “1st Media E-commerce Digital Platform” enhances ADs sectors with all Media Partners and is not involved in the press release sector. When we established Click Media, we meant to make something unique and innovative, so we selected ADs sectors with the power of the 4th authority, as a field that had not been developed by the power of e-commerce yet!

The market includes many press release agencies and platforms where you send them an article and they distribute it to all of their journalists and contacts to publish, but they can’t give you any warranty of publication or confirmed time of publishing as it is all depend on the journalist opinion and the available slot that will be selected to publish your article, which can give your brand news informatics articles but not a massive scheduled campaign.

Click Media concept is different and unique from the press release concept. Click Media gives your campaign massive power wherein your ADs is not only published in newspaper or magazines but more on TV, radio, billboards, and transportation. While you can schedule your campaign timeline and set a long-term campaign with a publication warranty as per our Media Partners, besides having the flexibility to update your content during the running campaign and before publishing.
Simply, Public relations agencies and press release platforms are our customers and eligible to get the “Members” code, for themselves and their customers.

Note: Click Media can only be involved in the Press Release sector with the affiliated Media Partners as per Click Media events protocol that is designed only for large events with more than a million attendants for the massive live coverage, like Expo Dubai 2020. Read more about Click Media Events Protocol for “Members” and “Media Partners”.

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