Legend of Expo


​The special offer focuses on enhancing the best stories of the Expo and announcements internationally. Exclusive for all expo pavilions & partners. 


Story Package Includes valid for 1 week. 

  • Expert Editors Review & Edit Your Press Release (PR). 

  • English & Arabic Translation. 

  • English & Arabic Proof Reading. 

  • Publish Over 200 National & International News. 

  • Send Your Story to 3500 Contacts of Media, Investors, Partners & All Expo (optional). 

Offer is Only to Support the Legend of Expo!

Tips to Publish Your Story Internationally:

  • Your Press Release Event Must happen During Expo (1/10/2021 to 31/3/2022).

  • Your Story Must be Relative to any Expo Pavilion Events. (political news is not supported).

  • Your Story Had Not been Published Before in any other National or International News. 

  • Send Your PR in English or In Arabic. 

  • Send up to 5 Highly  Quality Photos (150-pixel resolution). 

  • Your PR Must Include up  3 to 4 Quotes for VIPs Relative to Your Event. 

  • PR Must Show the Event Organizers, the Purpose, the Out Come Message & Recommendations. 

  • PR Must not Exceed 600 Words. 

Expo Story Voucher

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